Equifax Breach Information

Penn East Federal Credit Union wants to help our members navigate the Equifax breach. Though this breach was not related in any way to your credit union, our commitment is to helping our members. We’ve compiled a summary for our members, as well as links and resources to help our members learn more, and take action to protect their identity and information.

Equifax: Next Steps

Like many Americans, you may be concerned that your private information was exposed in the recent Equifax breach. We understand and want to help our members by providing information and resources. We encourage all of our members to visit the Equifax site to discover if their private information may have been compromised and to take advantage of the free credit monitoring service Equifax is providing to all consumers.

Find Out If You Were Impacted

Visit www.equifaxsecurity2017.com to see if you were impacted.

Enroll In Credit Monitoring

Consider signing up for an identity theft monitoring service. There are many services available that can help secure your identity like Sherpa, more information can be found here: https://www.sherpaidentitytheftprotection.com/?PCD=037.

Equifax is offering consumers one year of free credit monitoring, however, some media outlets are reporting that signing up for this service through Equifax may limit some of your rights.

Equifax has also set up a dedicated call center at 1.866.447.7559 where you can speak to someone regarding any questions you may have about the breach.

We understand the importance of your personal information and want to make sure you know we are committed to keeping that information safe and secure. If you have additional questions for us, please call 570.342.2720.

Additional Resources