Loan Fees

Savings Account
Each member must maintain at least a $5.00 minimum balance at all times to remain an active member.
 Inactivity Fee (No account activity for 2 years) $5.00/month
Checking Account
Automatic Overdraft from Line of Credit Free
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee $3.00*    *Members with Advantage Checking or Premier Checking do not pay an overdraft from savings fee.
Inactivity Fee (No account activity for 1 year, Free Checking only) $5.00/month
Stop Payment $20.00
Returned Items (Including Overdraft Advances) $29.00
Second Chance Checking Fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        $7.00/month
ACH (Automatic Clearing House)
ACH Origination $5.00
ACH Stop Payments $20.00
Returned Items $29.00
Debit/ATM Card
Debit/ATM PIN-based Transactions 1-8 per month Free
 Debit/ATM PIN-based Transactions 9+ per month  $1.50 each
Transactions include when card is used as an ATM card in a ATM Machine or used in a PIN-Based transaction at the point-of-sale. Foreign machines may surcharge for using their machine. A list of surcharge-free ATMs is available at www.cudollar.org. There is a $500.00 daily (24-hour) limit for all ATM transactions. There is a $1,000 daily (24-hour) limit for all Debit Card transactions. Members with Advantage Checking or Premier Checking receive unlimited debit and ATM transactions.
Lost or Stolen Card-Hot Card Fee $6.00
Transactions that are signature-based at the point-of-sale are free and unlimited and the purchase is deducted directly from your checking account. When a cashier asks “Debit or Credit?” make it a habit of saying “Credit” so that you will be able to sign for your purchases. If you choose “Debit” and enter your PIN number, it counts as a Debit/ATM withdrawal and you could incur fees if you exceed 8 free transactions. Members with Advantage Checking or Premier Checking receive unlimited debit and ATM transactions.
Service Fees
Annual Membership Fee No Charge
Online Banking Free
Online Bill Pay Free
Mobile App Free
Audio Response Free
In-Branch Coin Counters (2% of total for non-members Free for members
Teller/Bank Check $1.00** Free for members 60 or older
Money Order $2.00** Free for members 60 or older
Check Copy $2.00** Free for members 60 or older
Certified or Cashier’s Check $3.00
Bad Address Correction Fee $3.00
Statement or Document Copy $5.00 each
Incoming Wire Transfer $10.00
Returned Item $10.00
Stop Payment for a PEFCU Check $20.00
Account Reconciliation or Research $20.00 (per hour)
Subpoena/Levy/Garnishment Fee $40.00
Subpoena/Audit Research Fee $30.00 first hour $20.00 for each additional hour
Safe Deposit Boxes (Davis Street Office Only)
Rental Fees
3 x 10 $25.00
5 x 10 $50.00
10 x 10 $75.00
Lost Key $8.00 plus tax
Drilling Fee and Two Replacement Keys $175.00
Lock Fee up to $250.00
Drilling Fee $175.00
Money Market Account Fees
Excessive Transaction Fee $10.00
NSF Fee $29.00
Credit Card Fees
Late Payment Fee (after 5 day grace period) up to $25.00
Returned Check Fee $29.00
Loan Fees
Pay-By-Phone Loan Payment System (other financial institutions credit/debit payments) $3.00 – $5.00
Late Payment Fee (after 10 day grace period) $15.00
Skip A Loan Payment (or 1% of balance – whichever is less) $45.00
Satisfaction Fee $50.00
Home Equity Loan & HELOC Appraisal Fee $175.00
Subordination Fee $250.00
Release of Lien Fee $250.00
Travel Card
Purchase (+ denomination of your choosing) $4.00
Re-load (+ denomination of your choosing) $2.00
Foreign Currency
Purchase Shipping Charge up to $15.00
Exchange Foreign Money(Buy Back service provided by Travelex – must be more than $25.00 US dollars) $10.00
Wire Fees
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee $15.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire (US Dollars) $35.00